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Merry Christmas!! Here's my all time favorite Xmas video.

And for those away from home, this is one of the best i could find. Merry Christmas.

Aww this is cute...

You gotta put your volume high enough to hear the "quack" interrupting the President.

btw, i want that ringtone lol!

Wake up deadspin! These Ladies Were Actually 35-Years-Old At The Start Of Sunday's Padres/Diamondbacks Game
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Allright good one. Look at the entire pic, caption and scoreboard. That game must have been painful LOL!


It's been a while since i last post, but i couldn't ignore this. You bright people can pretty much guess what's gonna happen just by seeing one quarter of this video. The bad thing is that for the people IN the video took them a bit longer. I don't get it.

Waltz? What Wedding waltz?...

It's so romantic to see the new husband and wife having their first dance together. But what happens when you go for some variations of some sort? Here's a youtube sensation to show to the grandkids one day.

Yes, My Sweet Lord


Finally someone had the senses to make a Hollywood Star to the unforgettable beloved quiet Beatle George Harrison. Although i wasn't even born when they separated, I gotta thank my older siblings for helping me grow up listening to their music. I barely remember when John Lennon died, but George's death is still vivid like yesterday. Wherever you are George, you most deserve this, and more.

Oh, and this will never get old...


Ok Who Was it?

It's true that when you're hanging around your friends or in any other trivial event, if you let "one" out, it's simply not funny. It's disgusting. But when you're in a serious situation, that's another ball game. I say it was a machine...

Free Day thanks to Mercury so...

Yeah so there was some accidentally Mercury spill at school (i still wonder how the heck that happened) and we (teachers, students, cooks, jenators, crossing ladies, younameit) were all given the day off to avoid any damages to our well preserved human systems.

So i decided to google on this stuff just to see how much damage it can cause and found this video of this fella actually playing with it. The video reminds me of the bad dude in Terminator II.

So in honor to this liquid metal that gave us all a free day, here's my tribute...

My 2 Favorite SB Commercials

Two posts in one night. But hey, not every Sunday is Super Sunday.

Here's the crystal ball one, lol

And good old Conan...

Nighty nite...

"Super" Weekend


I can't believe it's over now. The Pittsburgh Steelers pulled an incredible win, and i think i was the only one in my bro's house who was cheering for them. That 4th quarter was seriously breathtaking. My entire family and folks were rooting for the Cards, so i ended up almost alone in the living room watching the award ceremony.

By the way, the comercials sucked big time wtf!!! That was supposed to be a great part of the whole show, but no, they weren't that good. I liked the one with Conan O'Brien, and the one with the crystal ball, that was a really funny one. But other than that, they were pretty blah.

Bruce Springsteen was allright, but not amazing. He only sang one of my favorite songs, Glory's Days, but that's it. :-(

Oh and also this weekend...


I never thought i would like this film, but Slumdog Millionaire is really an extraordinary film. It's cruel at times, cause you get to see what it's like to be raised on the streets. But in that same line, you get to see how people learn more on the street than in school. Ironic cause i'm a teacher.

Either way, i recommend this movie, it was amazing.